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Scientific Name

Rhinacanthus nasutus (L) Lindau

English Name

Twig and leaf of Bignose Rhinacanthus,snake jasmin


Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)



Name of Rhinacanthus nasutus

A combination of “White Crane” and “Ganoderma lucidum“. Its crown is like a white crane, and its function is like Ganoderma lucidum, so it gets its name.

Rhinacanthus nasutus

How long is human life?

The lung

Whenever we breathe, we inhaled a lot of dust, exhaust gas, mold, allergies etc, which caused the lungs to be contaminated.

The lung is a human air filter, and many impurities are accumulated over many years, so we need a “scavenger” to clean and purify the lungs.

Rhinacanthus nasutus.

The lung 2

God said: Life is only in the breath!

The weather is often hot, and many homes and offices are equipped with air conditioners to enjoy the cool breeze. However, after a period of time, the filter of the air conditioner will accumulate a lot of dust and affect the effect of the air conditioner, so we must clean the filter regularly.

The human body also has two filters, the first line of defense is the nose, and the second is the lungs.  Many people know that the disease comes from the mouth, but some diseases pass through the nose and become infected after entering the lungs, especially in the industrial age and people who smoke, people are often exposed to the polluted environment.

Therefore, we must also clean our lungs and clean up the accumulated toxins like an air conditioner, so that we can enjoy the cool wind and coolness of various organs of the body. Rhinacanthus nasutus is a “lung scavenger”, which can clear the lungs and cough, can also treat skin diseases.

Meet The Lung Scavenger

Rhinacanthus nasutus is native to the mountainous areas of Yunnan, Southeast Asia, and other places in China. It is also a precious medicinal material secreted by the Miao, and is regarded by the locals as immortal grass.  It can also obtain health care effects, especially lung and skin health care.  It shows that its curative effect is excellent and it is one of the most precious medicinal materials

However, in the industrial era, dust, exhaust gas, oil fumes, smog, nicotine, chemical substances, etc. in the air continue to invade people’s living environment, leading to pollution of the lungs and even infection of other diseases, so Rhinacanthus nasutus can help clear the lungs and strong the lungs