Rhina Canthus Nasutus Tablets


MYR 49.00 (For Member)

MYR 69.00 (NON-Member)

Health Supplement

Contains Flavanoids, Triterpenoids, Polyphendols, Saponins, Alkaloids, Carbohydrates, Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Phenols, Anthraquinones, Tannins, and Various Vitamins

30 tablets

Take 2 Tablets once daily with a meal. Not Recommended for child under 6 years old and pregnant woman.


Some people in certain occupations who are exposed to the polluted environment for a long time, such as chefs, car repairers, gas station employees, construction workers, decoration workers, factory employees, etc., are most suitable to take this herb.  In addition, it also helps to treat hepatitis and cirrhosis, especially for smokers and drinkers.

In recent years, it has been proven by clinical practice that various new uses have been discovered, which have a good effect on the following diseases

Treatment of colds and fever in the elderly

Treatment of bacterial dysentery

Treatment of bronchiectasis

Treatment of Meniere's syndrome

Treatment of cancer

Treatment of stomatitis, oral ulcers

Treatment of amoebic dysentery

Uric acid, poor urination


Internal and external hemorrhoids

Heart disease


Tuberculosis, antitussive and itching, moisturizing the lungs

Skin rash, allergic

Lower blood pressure

Gastritis, enteritis, malaria


Promote metabolism

Body ringworm, eczema, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, itching

Detoxification and swelling, anti-fungal